PhD Preparation & Assignment Writing

For students facing the challenge of studying for a Ph.D., the process can be somewhat daunting. Initially, students are required to apply to the university and justify why they should be accepted into a Ph.D. program. Normally after the completion of the relevant paperwork, the university will require the student to complete specific courses in order to gain the required number of credits. This followed by a dissertation proposal in which the student will have to establish that the Ph.D. dissertation meets Ph.D. criteria. Once approved, the dissertation is completed followed by a defense in which the student has to justify the Ph.D. dissertation. We will provide support and tuition throughout the entire Ph.D. program.

Many Ph.D. students ask us to craft the response to assignment instructions during the initial stages of the Ph.D. program. This is a critical process as acceptance into the Ph.D. program depends on the university chair’s assessment regarding how these assignments are completed. It is at this junction in the entire process of studying for a Ph.D., that some students simply give up. Our highly skilled and experienced writers can lift this stressful situation off your shoulders, and take on the responsibility of getting you accepted into the Ph.D. program. If English is not your ‘mother tongue’, we can ensure you that the high level of writing in English (including grammar and punctuation) demanded by a Ph.D. program, is maintained throughout the entire program.

One of the challenges experienced by students when entering the initial Ph.D. application stages is understanding the instructions. Other challenges include the interpretation, planning, research, formatting and completing the assignments. Upon acceptance into the Ph.D. program, we will advise the student regarding how all the milestones need to be tackled, including what to expect from the university teaching staff. No matter what stage of the Ph.D. program you are currently engaged in, we will ensure that you will complete the stage successfully.

You can choose how you want us to help you complete your Ph.D. assignments. A Ph.D. is usually divided into 15 to 20 milestones and can be completed over an 18 to 36 month period. In addition, upon completion of your dissertation, you will be asked to publish a manuscript. The Writing Clinic will be only too happy to assist and guide you in this latter stage of the program.

Many students ask that we not only help them to write the many assignments but also to explain what is required in each part of the program; such including how it is written, and what content is relevant. The Writing Clinic is unique in that we offer a coaching and tutoring support so that you will learn and gain experience while working alongside us with your assignments. In addition, you will be required to call your university advisor regularly. It is during these phone conversations that they will ask questions, and provide feedback. Our unique coaching and tutoring support will provide you with the knowledge and tools to participate in these conversations with confidence. We will also encourage you to record these conversations and email them to us so that we can help you to keep on top of each step of the Ph.D. journey.

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