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Caroline – Minneapolis, USA, PhD assignments – 2015 / 2016

Dear Writing Clinic, almost a 100% for the my first assignment!

I’m lost for words. I’m going to recommend you to all my friends. Completing my PhD will change my life! Paying per hour is paying for a great job. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Guozhi, Hong Kong. 2015. (Master’s thesis)

I wish I knew about the Writing Clinic before. I struggled to make sense of all my supervisor’s instructions and my Master’s thesis was going to fail and my English was not good. Then you rewrote my whole thesis and explained in detail what you did and why.

Thanks to you I am now thinking about a PhD. Congratulations to Writing Clinic.

Guozhi, Hong Kong. 2015

Sylvia, Qatar, studying in the UK. Master’s Paper Writing

What I love most about your service is that as your wrote my Master’s paper, you were teaching me … taking over the role of my tutor. I got a distinction. I’m so indebted. Thanks.

Sylvia, Qatar, studying in the UK. 2014.

Kevin, Cardiac Surgeon, Portsmouth, NH, US. (PhD dissertation)

I would never have completed my PhD dissertation without your guidance. Your patience, warmth and guidance are priceless. You guys are the best.

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