1. We are not one of the 1000s of online writing companies offering the cheapest prices and largest discounts. We are not the cheapest but offer excellent value for your money.

2. We do not utilize a fully automated website generating 100’s of daily orders in which you would become just a code name in a system. We will all know you; establishing a trusting relationship is our number one priority.

3. We do not employ non-native English speakers; We employ only those born where English is the primary language..

4. We do not employ writers unless they have been writing academic papers for at least 5 years. We do employ writers with a proven verifiable record.

5. We will never attempt to mislead you. We will employ the highest standards of business ethics.

6. We will endeavor never to break deadlines. Rather we will submit your assignment before time.

7. We do not take on extra assignments during busy periods. As a small specialist writing service we will only accept your assignment if we have a writer who can start immediately.

8. If we do not have a writer that can fulfill your assignment to the highest degree of professionalism, we will tell you. If we take your money we will ensure that your expectations are fully met.


  • We offer a very personalized, consultation service for students studying for a Bachelor’s degree, right up to candidates undertaking a PhD.
  • We not only provide a basic editing and proofreading service, but also a complete original, non-plagiarized, academic paper.
  • We also offer tutoring and coaching so that you will learn new skills and develop greater confidence in your ability; thereby enabling you one day to write your own paper without any assistance.
  • We encourage you not to submit our content, rather to adapt and amend it to your own preferences and style; therefore your paper will truly reflect your own effort and ability. You will be able to honestly claim it as your own work.
  • Every member of our staff will know you by name and be fully aware of your requirements and personal preferences. Both your name and all your personal details will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • We will only accept a limited number of assignments at any one time so that both our management team and writers can focus on successfully completing your academic paper, quickly and above your expectations.
  • We will consult with you on every step throughout the assignment.
  • We offer a fee based per page and also on an hourly basis. You can choose how you want to pay for your academic paper.
  • Our unique professional tutoring and coaching expertise is designed to help you complete all your studies without further outside assistance. This will both save you money and build your confidence while for us we will be able to look forward to you referring the Writing Clinic to your friends and peers.